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Simplify your travels with our Passport Assistance service, ensuring seamless application processes for your essential travel document.

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Secure your stay effortlessly with our Hotel Reservation service, offering a seamless booking experience for your ideal accommodations.

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Fly beyond borders seamlessly with our International Air Ticketing service, offering convenient and reliable flight bookings for your global adventures.

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Effortless travel planning with our Domestic Air Ticketing service, ensuring smooth and convenient flight bookings for your local explorations.

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Simplify your journey with our Visa Assistance – expert guidance for a smooth application process, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.

Foreign Exchange

Simplify your travels with our Passport Assistance service, ensuring seamless application processes for your essential travel document.

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INR 49,999/-

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INR 28,999/-

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INR 27,999/-

Per Person

Kuala Lumpur

Package prices starting at

INR 39,999/-

Per Person


Package prices starting at

INR 64,999/-

Per Person


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Passport Assistance

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When it comes to planning your vacation, one of the key considerations is setting a budget. At Ezy Trips, we understand the importance of balancing your desires with your financial capacity. Our team of travel experts will guide you through the process, ensuring that you make informed decisions and find the perfect vacation within your budget.

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Our commitment is to transform your holiday into a cherished memory, from the moment you express interest until you return home. At Ezy Trips, we understand the value of your travel dreams, and our user-friendly website is designed to make your journey with us as smooth as possible.


Vishnu H V

We booked our Dubai tour package through EzyTrips.com and found their services to be reliable and satisfying. With an affordable price, we enjoyed a luxurious 5-day stay with excellent accommodation and transportation. We are grateful for their exceptional services and are thoroughly pleased with our experience. Thank you.

Uttam M H

Exceptional services by Ezy Trips! Our Dubai tour was a breeze with their reliable planning and affordable packages. Luxurious stay and top-notch transportation. Grateful for the memorable experience. A must-try!

Chandan B L

Hi! I'm Chandan, and I'd like to share my memorable experience with Ezy Trips. My wife, daughter, and I recently visited Dubai, and it was fantastic. the flight tickets were surprisingly cheap, highly recommend Ezy Trips to anyone looking for a budget-friendly yet luxurious travel experience. Thank you, Ezy Trips, for your exceptional services!


What types of travel services does Ezy Trips offers?

Ezy Trips offers a wide range of travel services, including domestic and international tour packages, hotel accommodations, transportation arrangements, and personalized travel experiences, all accessible through for more information visit (ezytrips.in.)

What is included in Ezy Trips tour packages?

Ezy Trips’ tour packages typically include accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and other essential amenities. The specific inclusions may vary, so please check the details of each package for a comprehensive overview.

What payment methods are accepted on Ezy Trips?

Ezy Trips accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and online bank transfers. Our secure payment system ensures a smooth and secure transaction process for your convenience.

Can I customize a tour package on Ezy Trips to match my preferences?

Absolutely! Ezy Trips understands that each traveler is unique. We offer customization options to tailor your tour package according to your preferences. Contact our customer service for personalized arrangements.

How can I reach out to Ezy Trips for additional assistance or inquiries?

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact our customer service through the provided contact details on (trips.ezye.in.) We are dedicated to ensuring your travel experience with Ezy Trips is seamless and memorable.

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Beautiful moments from our valued travelers.

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